Click on the download box  below to see a list of our recommended collision repair shops in the surrounding Scottsdale, Arizona area. We'd like your thoughts and  reviews on these as well too!


Note-This list is based our roughly 70 years of combined experience of both owning a collision repair facility and doing Post Repair Inspections of work performed by other shops, as well as our personally knowing the shop owners and their commitments to providing quality repairs and great customer service.

The list is broken down by geographic area’s although most shops in the general Phoenix area will usually arrange for towing of damaged vehicles from anywhere in the greater Phoenix area.  The shops will also help arrange for rental cars (Enterprise or Hertz) and help set up direct billings with insurers. We would welcome your feedback, both positive and negative about the repair experience of the vehicle owners.  We will make additions and deletions to this list based on feedback provided by the users.  There are no fees involved and no commissions paid to us by the shops on this list.  We simply want people to have a great repair experience. 

It has been our personal observation the vast majority of insurers care little about the repair process unless it is CHEAP, QUICK AND THEY ARE ABLE TO STEER THE CONSUMER TO A PROVIDER THAT WORKS FOR THE INSURER AND NOT THE VEHICLE OWNER. Insurer shops often install inferior “imitation” and “junkyard” parts. Sadly the list is not long because the average shop only wants to please the insurer and considers the insurer as their “customer” when in fact the only true customer is the vehicle owner.  A man can’t serve two masters.  Beware the large multi store national chains that have close ties to insurers. They might be more focused on satisfying the insurers.  Don’t hesitate to ask the shop that you are considering, if they have a contract with the insurer (the insurance company), who is paying the bill. If they do, ask them to provide you with a copy of the agreement, so you can read it. If they hesitate, you might need to do some more research on their credentials.

Selecting a Collision Repair facility without doing your homework is like walking through a minefield at night and without a flashlight.  Consumers need to do their due diligence, choose a quality shop that works for them, not the insurer.  A lot of pitfalls exist in the repair process and usually the consumer is completely lost on what to do, and how to proceed.  Educating the vehicle owner about the process is vital and helps ease the pain of the experience.  Insurers love to manipulate claimants, push them to less than stellar providers and make them think they are helping them.


We WORK for YOU not the insurance Companies!

Your safety and helping you collect what is owed to you is our main focus!